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Our Services

Investment | Syndicate Formation

This division is headed up by Gary Gould, responsible for seeking out the best possible investment opportunities and packaging them to optimise return for our investors. Having closed over 60 deals exceeding a total of R500m, Gary has a proven track record in facilitating successful investment deals.

Syndicate Formation is focused solely on sourcing opportunity, then forming the legal and financial structures to own these investment opportunities. As we believe that partnerships only work with the right people, our prospective investment clients are carefully screened and selected for our client database. Once registered on our database all of our clients are included in our investment prospectus mailing list and are given an equal opportunity to invest in our property and business investment opportunities. All investment opportunities are given on a first come first serve basis.

The facilitation of these syndicates covers the following tasks:
  • Sourcing the right property and business investment opportunities using our extensive networks
  • Concluding the purchase and sale agreements
  • Conducting the due diligence investigations
  • Assessing all the investment risks
  • Calculating and estimating the most likely as well as best and worst case scenario investment returns
  • Determining the investment finance requirements and negotiating these with the relevant lending institutions
  • Developing the investment prospectus and feasibilities
  • Establishing the team of like-minded investors and raising the equity required
  • Setting up the most suitable and tax efficient legal entities and shareholding structures
  • Developing and finalising the various legal agreements between the parties involved
  • Ensuring that these agreements are fair to all parties and cover all the potential risks and eventualities associated with being in a syndicated investment
  • Tending to all legal entity regulatory and statutory requirements, depending on the legal entity being used i.e. trust, company or close corporation. This would include but not be limited to the appointment of the auditors, registration of directors, members, trustees etc.
  • Ensure all Tax registrations are completed for VAT and Income Tax purposes
  • Once transfer has taken place attend to the settlement account between the seller and purchaser
  • Set up the entity auditing and financial reporting structures
  • Ensure all handover documentation is received for the seller and stored securely


The fees for the deal sourcing and syndicate facilitation range from 2.5% to 6% of the purchase consideration, and are payable up front on the finalisation of the syndicate.


This division is headed up by Gary Gould and assisted by Carlos De Costa, responsible for all property development administration and project management work. This encompasses any projects we are developing from Greenfield projects to renovations and extension to existing properties that we own. We also provide development and project management work for selected clients. Hands on expertise in this field gives us the opportunity to extract and add value to our investment portfolio by renovating and expanding the potential of these investments.

Development services include but are not limited to:
  • Town planning
  • Development design
  • Zoning optimization
  • Professional team management
  • Finance structuring
  • Project management
  • Value/ cost estimation
  • Design team management
  • Quality control
  • Safety compliance
  • Dispute resolution
  • Information required scheduling
  • Tenant installations
  • Cost to complete reporting
  • Construction management
  • Project feasibilities/ budgeting



This division is headed up by Nicole Schonewolf, responsible for managing our client’s property portfolios. We offer varying levels of property management services, ranging from a full service package (including annual financial statements, balance sheet and auditor sign off) to the most basic package for invoicing and debtors control. Unity Properties makes use of a state of the art property management software to ensure efficacious data optimisation, to optimise efficiencies and performance.

Debtors Control
  • Invoicing monthly rental, operational costs, rates, recoveries and utilities
  • Credit checks and arrears rental management
  • Arrear schedules
  • Turnover rental collection and management
Creditors Control
  • Payment of monthly expenses
  • Expense budgeting and optimisation
Lease Management
  • Tenant applications
  • Preparation and negotiation of lease agreements
  • Collection and safe keeping of deposits
  • Review and renewal of leases
  • Determination of market related rentals
  • Marketing and letting of vacancies
  • Tenant mix strategy development and planning
  • Budgeting
  • Valuations
  • Rent rolls
  • Tenant schedules
  • Income statements
  • Disbursement statements
  • Arrear schedules
  • Vacancy and occupation stats
Utility Management
  • Set up, metering, meter reading and billing of electrical, water and sewer
  • Municipal account management
  • Utility recoveries
  • Rates and services efficiencies
Accounting Services
  • Income and expense accounts
  • Trial balances
  • Balance sheet
  • Annual financial statements
  • Bank account management
  • VAT and income tax payments
  • VAT and income tax returns
  • Company returns
  • Financial compliance
Facilities Management
  • General building maintenance
  • Management of service providers
  • KPI agreements with service providers
  • Mechanical equipment servicing and compliance
  • Fire equipment servicing and compliance
  • Occupational health and safety procedures
  • Risk evaluation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Legal/ building compliance
  • Security systems and management
Insurance and Liability
  • Manage insurance policies
  • Ensure correct risks are covered
  • Ensure insurance values are adequate to cover risks
Marketing Strategy for Retail Properties
  • Strategy development
  • Tenant promotions
  • Social media management
  • Advertising and editorials
  • Shopping centre brand positioning
  • Shopping centre branding
Town Planning
  • Ensure safekeeping of compliance documents
  • Occupation certificates
  • Approved plans
  • Electrical compliance
  • Title deeds
  • SG diagrams
Asset Management
  • Investment strategies
  • Management strategies
  • Development, extension and revamp strategies
  • Tenant mix strategies
  • Financial strategies


Sales and Leasing

Unity Properties has a dedicated team of four qualified brokers in the Sales and Leasing division.


  • Evaluation of clients’ needs
  • Personal property visits and viewings
  • Rental determination
  • FICA compliance
  • Sales value determination
  • Match tenants and property
  • Sales and lease agreements
  • Arbitration
  • Sales and leasing brochures

Other Services

Apart from the above mentioned core property services, Unity Properties also provides numerous other miscellaneous property services for our clients such as:

  • Project valuations
  • Due Diligence  investigations
  • Project Feasibility studies
  • Portfolio assessment and analysis
  • Asset management
  • Lease facilitation and negotiation
  • Property market surveys