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Unity Properties

Company History

Unity Properties began in January 2003 as Property Syndication Services. Gary Gould the founder, started the company from very humble beginnings taking a R230,000 provident fund pay out and working from his study at home. The first 2 syndicated properties were two off plan town houses purchased for R720,000 and R800,000 respectively. A sum of R80,000 was deposit for each and both were sold just before transfer at over 400% returns. From the initial very risky, residential speculative investments we migrated into a successful residential development and then into warehouse and commercial opportunities before finally entering retail. Our timing was very fortuitous as SA and the world had just entered the beginning of a property boom cycle which lasted until 2007.

We managed to make the best of the property boom opportunity, laying a solid foundation for the company. Having taken the advice of a few industry stalwarts we also travelled a more conservative path to most and when the financial crisis hit in October 2008 we were able to batten down the hatches and see it through without any major issues. It was also during this troubled time that we managed to acquire  some of our best returning assets and we live by Warren Buffets mantra “When everyone is brave be fearful and when everyone is fearful be brave”.

In 2010 (TBC) the name of the company was changed from Property Syndication Services to Unity Properties. Having expanded the business into four separate divisions – Investments, Administration, Project Management, Sales and Leasing- and were no longer just a syndication company and required a name that more aptly described what we do.


Company Milestones

First Founded

Unity Properties is founded in January 2003, first known as Property Syndication Services.
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Humble Beginnings

Gary begins with a R230,000 provident fund pay out, working from his study.
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And Then There Were Two

In March 2005 Gary proudly takes on his first member of staff, Prishnee Naidoo.
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Moving Up In The World

In April 2005, Gary and Prishnee move into their current office space at 56 Balmoral Drive.
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Unity Name Change

In January 2010 Property Syndication Services changes its name to Unity Properties.
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Expansion of Services

In June 2010, Unity register with the EAAB, and enter the property sales and leasing market.
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Rising to The Top

In March 2014, in need of additional office space, Unity expand to the top floor.
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Upgrading to MDA

In April 2014 Unity purchases globally acclaimed, MDA property administration software.
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Company Management Philosophy

Our business cannot exist without people. It’s the Unity Properties team, past and present, who have made us what we are today and who will define what we become in the future. The purpose of our business is threefold.


1to provide an outstanding product / service to our customers.

3to provide a friendly environment of employment for our staff where they are afforded the opportunity to develop and grow.

3to provide a competitive return to our investors.


As we value unity and teamwork in the highest regard, Unity Properties practices a participative management style where all staff are meaningfully involved in our decisions. All staff have access to our monthly management accounts, and annual financials. All staff also participate in the bottom line where 20% of our profits are distributed between staff each year. We recognise that people are different and their life circumstances are different and that they perform better under different working conditions. We therefore have no set working hours but rather give our staff the freedom to choose. This is governed only by their specific duty requirements e.g. the receptionist has to be in the office during office hours and those who have to work together have to co-ordinate their working hours with each other.

There is no dress code, no leave or sick days are ever recoded and not one staff member has a formal employment contract as everything we do is based on integrity and trust. We do not believe that your work should ever come before your friends and family and we believe in our staff leading a healthy and balanced life.

Unity Properties Values

UNITY – United together we can do more.

INTEGRITY – Honesty conquers all.

TRUST – Fundamental to our character.

PASSION – We love what we do.

ACCOUNTABILITY – To you, each other, our society, and our planet.

SUSTAINABILITY – Committed to success but not at the expense of future generations, we live sustainably by changing and reducing our consumption patterns, reusing and recycling where possible.